Cancer is a puzzle with lots of missing pieces...
 so, we're on it! the daily search for a cure!

Janice G. Healy of Milford, Connecticut was a woman with a great passion for life, who touched all who came to know her with her bright smile and enthusiasm for adventure. Jan was an avid sportsperson with her running, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, rowing, weight training and fun based competitions to raise funds for medical research and other community based charities.  Jan was a professional stenographer and a certified personal trainer, who measured her life by how much she could do for her family and friends. Jan was diagnosed with an inoperable (anaplastic astrocytoma) brain tumor in October of 2004 and fought a valiant effort under the care of the Yale Brain Tumor Center to overcome this life threatening health challenge. Jan endured thirty sessions of radiation treatment and multiple sessions of various chemotherapy treatments, but the tumor cells continued to progress until time was eclipsed by this disease on February 18, 2006, with her death at home in the comfort of her family, as we never saw the end coming so quickly. Jan was selfless during her illness and embraced each day with faith and love.

TEAM JANICE supports Cancer and ALS medical research with a defined goal of bringing an FDA approved drug therapy beyond clinical trials and into the medical community as an approved treatment option for fighting abnormal cell growth. Once a drug is FDA approved it can be used by medical professionals for various treatment regiments, if they believe it will have therapeutic value in the care of their patients.

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